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Level up as a solar sales pro with the most comprehensive solar training available.


A Sneak Peak into Solar U:

Here's the Deal:


All the best sales training is useless without the proper mindset. These videos will help you form the mindset of a solar savage.


Knocking doors is tough. Learn how to knock more efficiently and how to navigate the various types of demographics you’ll encounter.

Door Approach

Watch multiple door approaches to use as examples for your own door approach.

Appointment Setting

Learn our proven setter process to set more qualified appointments that actually show up and sit.

Closing (in home & remote)

Learn to close more deals both in home and over zoom. Multiple training videos that cover every step of the close along with a proven outline.

Solar 101

Let’s be honest, solar can be confusing. We cover all the solar terms you need to know along with explanations on adders, storage, tax credits, and much more.

Reviews & Referrals

Maximize each customer by collecting reviews and referrals from every single deal. Learn when and how to ask for them.


Your sales are capped by your ability to navigate and overcome objections. We cover the most common smokescreens and objections and provide examples to overcome these effectively.


Solar is pipeline sales. Follow up is crucial to closing more deals and we teach both automated and manual follow up techniques along with when it’s best to follow up.

Solar U was created by high performing D2D Athletes to create other high performing D2D Athletes.

Listen, building the wrong habits is the difference between life & death on the doors.

If you look a little deeper, you’ll find that the habits you are reinforcing on a minute by minute basis could either be helping you win big or severely hurting future results. 

Some of our clients BIGGEST struggles are:

1. Mental Energy: the #1 resource on the doors. 
This ranges from how to deal with failure, bouncing back from slumps, & keeping the mind in check so that you are energized & focused allowing you to persevere with ease. 

Knowing how to control your mental alone will MASSIVELY help against negatively affecting your customers buying decisions based on the energy you approach them with.

2. “I have a hard time with my pitch being persuasive.”
The truth is, if you’re not 100% automatic with your presentation, people who would have said ‘yes’ are going with the next rep behind you - automatic meaning absolutely comfortable in all situations regardless of any sh*t storm thrown your way.

We train on fundamentals like Navy SEALS and it shows in not only our closing rates, but the closing rates of Solar U owners who take it seriously.

3. "I’m missing something & I can’t tell what."
A lot of times, our clients have very simple problems. Many of these problems come down to a lack of structure & discipline. 

You’d be surprised how much your confidence will shoot up when you simply have a plan to follow from the time you ring the doorbell to the time you’re signing the deal.

The truth is, there are way too many things that can go wrong on the doors.

And the last thing you want to do (especially if you’re leading a team) is continue on accepting mediocre results when you know you can do better.

Your team & potential customers can smell this on you from a mile away.

This is why we’ve done the work for you & sourced our BEST knowledge & conveniently placed it all in one spot so that you wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life trying to ‘figure it out’ on your own.

And if you’ve never paid for mentorship, that’s okay.

99% of people in the world don’t. 

That’s why only the 1% succeed.

Ask any top producer in your industry & the chances are they’ve paid multiple thousands of dollars to get coached in some way or another. 

At this point, you’re probably super on the fence. 

And…We wish we could guarantee your results, but we can’t & that’s because what you accomplish & in what time ultimately comes down to you.

What we can guarantee is that what you put in is exactly (if not MORE than) what you'll get out of Solar U.

Are you ready to show up to play?

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